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Hi there!

My name is Kodi and I am a new generation robot toy for children aged 4-8. I'm great creativity booster and learning helper. And I'm also here to support any mom and dad in tracking daily activities and creating safe environment for their kids.

Why should you care

Research shows that if we don't exercise our imagination we lose the ability to be creative.

NASA Research Study of 1600 children - Office of Economic Opportunity

Creativity is not a magical gift dropped from the heavens on a select few, but a skill available to almost anyone willing to cultivate, exercise and discipline it. – Scott Thorp “Designing the future”

Kodi will inspire creativity expansion on many different areas which parents will be able to track in app. Recognition of natural talents play an important role in our future life to build up our career and to make adult life more joyful and fulfilled.

I love spending time
with children!

I can answer every “why” of your child because I’m very curious too. So I spark creativity, inspire to learn and provide comforting emotional experience with detached perspective.

How can I help your kid

I can be a friend for everyone in every age but I will be most beneficial for children aged 4-8. Thanks to my many, many built-in progressive programs I can do things like:

Playing imaginative games and inventing our own stories

Discovering the world and talking about fun facts

Building kid's self-awareness by exercising his emotional intelligence

Enhancing kid's uniqueness by finding his strongest assets and natural talents

Strengthening self-reliance thanks to following morning and evening activities

Drawing and dancing, role playing to engage all modalities: sound, vision and motion

How can I help you

Dear Moms and Dads, despite being designed mostly for your child, I'm here to make your lives easier too. Raising kids is hard but with my support it can be more convenient. How? Well...

Controlling play duration & delivered content

Following daily activities

Connecting with kid by cam

Sensing fields for improvement & reinforcing kid’s strengths

Enhancing vocabulary in native and foreign language

Supporting during nights

Download free
edutaintment materials

While waiting for my launch you can download this
creative edutainment material to play with your kid.

Growth mindset language
How to talk to take advantage of child's potential


Launching this November!

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